Dark Knight City Mandala

This mandala invites you to discover the mysterious world of what happens when the sun is away. It is charged with the energies of the Night, the City and its Lights.

Dark Knight City Psychedelic Mandala


1. Deep into the infinite space can be found the mysterious Dark Knight City. Everything is black around you. From far, you see the lights of this vibrating place shine through the night. As you get closer, you start to hear the abstract and constant white noise of the city getting louder. 

2. Look at the center of this mandala and pay attention to the three big white lights that look like an insect’s head. These metallic eyes are the connection with the soul of the Dark Knight. This is how you enter the vortex of life at night.

3. Feel how big the city is behind these eyes. Hundreds of cold metallic buildings are rising to the sky. All of these lights look like a galaxy of stars gathered like an army behind the eyes of the Dark Knight. The energy is strong but contained. It can feel quite overwhelming. But, you realize that each of these lights is the presence of human life. A life with its own story, its own friends, its own family, its own love. The energy of the city is strong and can feel overwhelming, but we should never forget that each light is a human life, just like ours. The Dark Knight has a warm heart.