Fractal Mountains Mandala

This mandala contains the energies of the Snow, Earth, Air and invites us to celebrate the most important and natural gift that we have been given: Breathing. You can refer to this mandala whenever you need to release tension and give yourself some fresh air.

Fractal Mountains Psychedelic Mandala

1. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in… and breathe out slowly. Open your eyes and look at the abstract shape that you see. This fractal blue mountain seems to evaporate in the air. This mandala represents our ability to breathe the fresh air thanks to oxygen available on earth.

2. Take a deep breathe in… and breathe out slowly. These beautiful fractal mountains are like your lungs. Imagine that the fresh air of the mountains is all around you. The air is sharp and crisp. Pay attention to how you feel when it enters your lungs. Take a deep breath in and feel the purity of this air that is gifted to you.

3. As you look closer, you can admire all the abstract shapes between the blue rocks and the white snow. Look at these shapes moving and becoming spirits, one after another. Take a deep breath in… let yourself become one with the air. Breathe out slowly and let go of all your tensions.