Gold Coast Warrior Mandala

This mandala is inspired by the Gold Coast, a vibrant Australian city. It involves the energies of the City, the Lights, Humans, Chaos as well as the calming energy of the Ocean.

Gold Coast Psychedelic Mandala


1. When you look at it as a whole, this mandala is surrounded by the deep blue energy of the ocean and the darkness of the night (infinite space). In its center, you can see a complex vortex where the energies are strong and electrifying. Humans decided to build an abstract empire of buildings on the edge of the ocean and the artificial lights glow from a distance.

2. When you look closer and dive into this vast concrete jungle, you start to understand more about this chaos. What looked abstract a few seconds ago now looks more organized and easier to understand. Every light represents the life of one or many humans, experiencing life in the darkness of the night. In this paradoxical city, there is always someone awake.

3. Feel the intensity of all these lives buzzing on the edge of the water. The concrete is cold but the human hearts are warm. Now, observe how the ocean and the dark night are always calm and beautiful. This mandala is about being aware of the contrast of life. Learning to live through the perpetual storm of events, while being like the ocean: solid and strong, deep and eternal.