Magic Mountain Winds Mandala

This mandala is inspired by the greatness of the mountains and the magical mysteries of the winds. It gathers the energy of the Earth, Water and Winds.

Magic Mountain Winds Psychedelic Mandala

1. You are travelling through space when you see a giant mesmerizing fog from a distance. All you can hear is a deep and constant rumbling sound. You are not sure why, but you feel attracted by this place and decide to get closer. After the first layer of fog, the atmosphere lightens and this is what you see... a planet that seems to be only made of thick rocks, giant mountains and surrounded by clouds that dance with the winds.

2. The energy of this place is strong and ancient. The air is charged with particles and it feels like the rocks are releasing an incredible amount of energy. All around are slowly dancing clouds while these mountains vibrate continuously. It is almost like the planet is breathing slowly. You can feel the rocks moving slowly with a deep growl that never ends. As you look closer, you realize that these mountains are even bigger than you think. How could a planet be only made of rocks and clouds…

3. Suddenly the growling sound that intensifies and you hear a loud rumble coming from the center, from deep down inside. All the rocks start to vibrate and the loud sounds start to create waves that are now visible in the clouds all around the planet. As you look from a distance, you see the face of a majestic feline disguised in the mountains. You look in the center and start to understand. You are now staring directly at the third eye of this powerful creature. You are connected to this holy creature and feel the ancient power flow within you. You are filled with a strong and confident energy. You feel honored. You close your eyes. The feline’s head is here, still looking at you. Whenever you need to feel strong, it will re-appear.