Pluto's Moon Mandala

This mandala welcomes you to a new planet inspired by Pluto and the moons that gravitate around it. It involves the energies of Infinite Space, the energies of the Earth and the Snow, as well as the energies of the Moon.

Pluto's Moons Psychedelic Mandala

1. Imagine that you are traveling through space and you come across this tiny planet that you see from far away. There seems to be a blue halo of light around this planet, this is a place of peace. The energy here feels very special. When you come closer, you notice the presence of six moons that gravitate around it. They are quite small relative to their planet.

2. As you are levitating in space, you notice that you can only hear the sound of your own breath and the continuous sound of these moons moving slowly in the background. The temperature here is low and you can feel the air is cold and crisp. The snow is refreshing. The balance between the white color of the snow and the earthy color of the rocks is beautiful. They both live in harmony.

3. Take advantage of the silence around to listen to your own breath. Feel your body. Listen to it speaking to you. Feel how good it is to be with yourself now. You are everything that you need in order to grow and be the person that you want to be. Inside you can be found ultimate peace. You may need to travel through space, away from social agitation, but it will always be within you and you can access it any time. Just breathe slowly.