Red Canyon Mandala

This mandala is inspired by the great country and fascinating desert and canyons of Australia. Like in the great Outback, the main energies here are ones of the Red Earth and the powerful Sun.

Red Canyon Psychedelic Mandala


1. When you look at this mandala from a distance, it may remind you of the famous symbol for biological hazards. When you look at it again, you realize that you are not really sure and that it may actually be a mirage or an illusion. The heat is strong and the sun makes you feel dizzy at times. You are not sure what is real anymore.

2. You look around and all you see is this luminous glare everywhere. Even the sky looks like an abstract yellow space. The Australian desert is a hot place where many mysteries are left unsolved. As you walk towards the centre of these rocks, you feel the warm sand under your feet. As you touch the orange rocks of this canyon, you feel how ancient this land is and how much knowledge has been accumulated here.

3. The sun is still heating the atmosphere and you start to see faces and symbols in the rocks and sand. The wind whispers its secret in a language that you don’t understand. The spirits are talking and you are here to listen. This canyon is mysterious, hot, ancient. Though, you are not afraid as you know we are all one. You cherish this powerful energy and respect the red earth that knows so much.