Silver Ocean Solar System Mandala

This mandala welcomes you to a place where no humans have been before. It contains the energy of the Sun, Mercury and Space.

Silver Ocean Solar System Psychedelic Mandala


1. Imagine that you are floating in an infinite space of purple color. You are not really sure where you are. Far away, you see a dark, yet luminous spot. You decide to come closer. When you are near, you see something that you have never seen before.

2. This planet seems to be entirely made of a dark silver liquid that vibrates slowly. On the horizon of each side of this hexagonal ocean, you can see six suns glowing with a powerful yellow light. Everything here looks quite geometric, but in reality, is quite organic and without permanent form.

3. You hear the sound of this silver liquid vibrating from deep inside and observe the small waves morphing into one another. It is like there is a living organism vibrating in the middle of this silver ocean. As you look closer into the waves, all you see is the sacred geometry of this place. It is obvious now. You just came across the legendary planet of liquid Mercury.