Womb of the Earth Mandala

This mandala is inspired by the marvelous Antelope Canyon in the United States. This powerful artwork encapsulates the energies of the Red Earth and the Air, as well as the energies of Love, the Womb and the Mother.

Womb of the Earth Psychedelic Mandala


1. The energy of the womb is a deep and powerful energy. We do not have memories while being in the womb of our mother, but our bodies will forever remember. Close your eyes and ask for the nurturing energies of the womb to come to you. It is dark all around you, yet you are surrounded by love and you are one with your mother.

2. Open your eyes and look at the center of this mandala. You are in the womb of the earth. You are protected and nurtured with love. Observe the warm colors of this earth, mixed with the low intensity of light. You can see the sky from a distance. You know there is an outside world, but for now, you are still here, in the womb of the earth.

3. Bring your attention to the center of the mandala and appreciate how the overall shape now looks like a heart. Feel the soft textures of this canyon on your hands and feel deeply how good it is to be in a place of love. You have an infinite amount of love inside of you. Nurture it, cherish it and keep it warm.